Thursday, May 14, 2009

New Work 2009

These works are dedicated to my brother, Glenn.

I needed to do these pieces as "prayers". They speak better to me than words. I had these wonderful casts of hands, and also tiles imprinted with words and letters..........words, syllables, sentences are what we create the stories of our lives with. Before the words, the feelings, the belonging, the response, the one who experiences. Perhaps dying is shattering those "vessels" of words and ideas and constructs that have created the personae we have come to inhabit. Terra cotta pottery shards imprinted with words seemed like a perfect medium. Perhaps, leaving the words and vessels behind, at last, we fly.

Returning 2009

"Form is empty, emptiness is form.
Likewise, sensation, discrimination,
conditioning, and awareness are empty.
In this way, Shariputra, all things are emptiness;
they are without defining characteristics;
they are not born, they do not cease"
The Heart Sutra

Somewhere within the "hoop" of who we are, within the space between the child and the old man the beginning place and the ending the center is the heart. I think above all that is where our "soul making" has gone on.

Holy Mother Take My Hand (2009)


This Reliquary has two potent symbols of transformation - a feather left behind from the flight of a Phoenix, and the skin of a snake.

Dream Weaver 2009
.Of life's Spring
may we drink deep
and awake to dream
and die to sleep

and dreaming
weave another form
a shining thread
of life reborn

"The Weaver Song" from the Spiral Dance


  1. i love and feel especially close to these pieces having only recently left your studio and t or c

  2. Terrific artist, Lauren - I didn't notice but have you tried Japanese short forum poetry with any of your works - haiku, haiga, etc.? I think you would be very good at these forms.


  3. "In the the dim a meadow alone...sitting and clearly in love. This is the only teacher, for the mind swings through the clouds, there is a certain reality that waits. This reality is referred to as LOVE, the Universe's power source...a conscious intention that dwells in the major positions of our only operates out of an absolute definition of LOVE, and will not include less than it's truth and it's meaning. To ask a question one will come to rely in a proper inquiry and then ask how LOVE would respond. The answer is always there and it is within ourselves always. We are the Universe, freed from our comfortable position in the Light to being Human...for a while as we decided to do prior to becoming whom we are now. I look at your photo, Lauren, and I see the stars, the eclipse of the moon and all that there is..."You are the Universe, the entity of LOVE, you are this and all that is infinite for your discovery!" "Your true name is something called 'Universe'...but for now you are Lauren."