Monday, September 23, 2013


I consider myself an inter-disciplinary artist, because I'm always exploring new ways to express - with visual arts, ritual, choreography, masks, performance and a number of writing projects. My MFA is from the University of Arizona (1987) and BFA from the University of California at Berkeley (1973).  Perhaps my greatest love is community and co-creative art forms. 

In the 90’s I was fortunate to study “Temple Mask” traditions in Bali, and produced a series of collaborative masks with Balinese mask artists (including Ida Bagus Anom) which were exhibited and performed at Buka Creati Gallery in Ubud, Bali.

In 1999, inspired by world-wide traditions of Sacred Masks,  I made 25 multi-cultural masks for the Invocation of the Goddess at the 20th Annual  Spiral Dance at Ft. Mason Center in San Francisco. The MASKS OF THE GODDESS COLLECTION travelled throughout the U.S. for almost 10 years, used by myself and numerous other producers, ritualists, and choreographers. I was privileged to direct several community productions of my own ("Restoring the Balance" 2004, Tucson, Arizona and "1000 Faces of the Divine" 2002, in Oakland, California). I continue to offer workshops that explore archetypal masks and personal mythology, and currently am working on a new collection of masks I call NUMINA - MASKS FOR THE ELEMENTAL POWERS.

I enjoy assisting women to explore universal and personal mythology through the art of the mask, and have taught workshops  the Kripalu Institute, the University of Syracuse, Southern Arizona Friends of Jung, Brushwood  Folklore Center and many others. Other performances and workshops include: "Goddess"by Serene Zloof at the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, New York, N.Y. (2004), "A Rainbow" (by Macha Nightmare) at the New College of California (2000, 2001), "The Divine Feminine", (Evelie Posche) at the University of Creation Spirituality in Oakland (2001), "Masks of Transformation" Conference, University of Southern Illinois (2005), and the "Matrilineage Symposium", Syracuse University, 2000.
In 2007 I received a fellowship from the Alden Dow Creativity Center at Northwood University and a Puffin Grant to explore the Native American mythology of the “Spider Woman” as a Community Arts Project at the Midland Arts Center. The project was continued in 2008 at the Creative Spirit Center, also in Michigan. In 2009 I was a resident artist at Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, D.C., where I continued to explore the theme, as a community effort, of a "Webbed Vision".  In 2010 I was resident artist at Gallery 408 in Carrizozo, N.M., where I taught a class on creating personal Icons.
Recent exhibitions include "Our Lady of Perpetual Exhaustion" at the Henry Luce Center for the Arts in Washington, D.C. (2013) ,  "Earth Shrines" at Parisi Gallery in T or C, New Mexico, "Weavers" at Wesley (2009), "Spider Woman's Hands" at the Midland Center for the Arts (2007), a 2-person show of paintings at Turn of the Century Gallery in Berkeley, California (2005), "Sacred Icons" at the Artisans Center of Virginia (2005), "Sacred Space/Sacred Mask" (with Catherine Nash, 2004) at The Muse Community Arts Center in Tucson.
In 2008 I self published 4 limited edition books which may be viewed at . They include “The Masks of the Goddess – Sacred Masks and Sacred Dance which is a document of the 8 year Project. These books may also be viewed through the online publisher

“Lauren is sublimely articulate about her inspiration, her study, and her realization. In her conversation, passion, and artistic creation, she evinces a mastery of the Spider Woman teachings which has uniquely prepared her to express a new articulation of the sacred teaching of wholeness. Like the ‘Spider Woman’ herself, Lauren has become one with the work of her hands. It is unusual to find a talented artist who is also sublimely articulate about her inspiration, her study, and her realization."

Sarah Gorman, Director, THE CREATIVE SPIRIT CENTER, Midland, Michigan
"Lauren probes the limits of whatever medium she addresses. The questions her art raises are deeply significant questions."